Analytics, Data Lakes, Dashboard

Always deliver timely and meaningful insights to key decision-makers at your company.

You now have access to all kinds of data, and in real-time. But, how much of this data are you using and how effectively are you using it?

At Deeta Analytics, we help translate your data into insights and place them in the hands of the stakeholders to enable informed decision-making. We institutionalize this capability across people, process and technology to embed them as a part of your company’s culture and day-to-day responsibilities.

Why Deeta?

Deeta Analytics helps companies like you to transform data into insights leading to Empowered Decision-making.

  • Horizontal + Verticals
  • End to End Systematic Approach
  • Productized Delivery Model
  • Hybrid Delivery Model

01. Horizontals

We enable insights-driven decision-making in the areas of Marketing, Sales & Service, Supply Chain & Manufacturing, Operations and Risk Management customized to your industry


We offer end-to-end data services covering Data Audit, Data Strategy, Data Science, Data Infrastructure and Data Visualization.

  • Data Audit

    Understand what and how data is used in your company

  • Data Strategy

    Optimal way to translate data to insights, and institutionalize the capability

  • Data Science

    Use Predictive Modelling Machine Language, Artificial Intelligence and other advanced statistical techniques to develop advanced insights

  • Data Infrastructure

    Implement right infrastructure in terms of storage (cloud vs internal), security, ETL, access, processing, etc.

  • Data Visualization

    Implement user-friendly, and insights and analytical driven visualization.

03.Hybrid Delivery Model

We take advantage of the increasing migration to “cloud infrastructure” that enables teams to collaborate and work seamlessly across regions

  • Headquartered in Chicago with Global Development Center in Chennai, India.
  • Leverage on-shore, off-shore model to deliver projects at comprehensive price.
  • Our expert team of data scientists work with our business analysts, solution architects and programmers to deliver custom solutions for our clients.

Client Testimonials

Deeta Analytics has stepped in and provided us with much needed strategy and development support with regards to new product development. They took the time to understand our needs and worked with us to take simple concepts and turned them into complex but buildable solutions which will improve our overall product line. Deeta Analytics is thorough with their research and provides detailed documentation which helps making decisions and moving through the development process a lot less strenuous for our organization

Director, Products & Technology
Chicago based Digital Agency